Camera operator at Terra Mater Factual Studio
Camera assistant at Terra Mater Factual Studio
3D - reconstructions for ‘Planet Insect: I&II'

Shortfilms in progress:
The Puffling Walk’


Media Grant, National Parks Austria
VTNÖ Newcomer of the year: 2021 

My videos and pictures should raise awareness, provide a starting point for critical thinking or simply bring joy. They are intended to bring people closer to nature and, if possible, create new impressions. I aim to take the viewer on a journey through nature to showcase what I love the most.


Scientific imaging: 3D visualisation and reconstruction
Natural History Museum Vienna
University of Vienna 
Zoo Schönbrunn Vienna
University of Applied Arts Vienna
Vienna Biocenter

During my master's in zoology and subsequent work, I specialised in studying the functional morphology of vertebrates, invertebrates, and centipedes, with a focus on advanced imaging techniques, including     3D reconstruction and high-speed videography. Both methods continue to captivate and inspire me.