Escape into the alps
Join me on this visual journey through the Austrian Alps, as I pay homage to the inspiring landscapes that have brought me joy and strength through the years. This short film is a reminder that nature is a source of inspiration, and that we must cherish and protect it for generations to come. As the drone soars over icy lakes, glistening rivers, and forests ablaze with autumn colors, I am reminded of the power of nature to inspire, to relax, and to bring peace. Whether skiing down the slopes in winter or hiking the trails in summer, the mountains have always been a place of solace and refuge for me. They have provided me with the opportunity to connect with nature in remote places – far away from the stressful sounds of cities. 

The Oil Beetle Oasis
The oil beetle is a truly unique and fascinating species, found in the middle of Europe. While they are known for their powerful defense mechanism of producing an oily poison that can even be fatal to humans, there is so much more to these amazing insects. In addition to their ability to produce poison, oil beetles have a complex life cycle. They start out as parasitic larvae in wild bee hives and then survive the winter underground before emerging in the early spring to mate with their partners. This short film delves deeper into the characteristics and behaviors of oil beetles, giving us a greater understanding of these precious creatures and the important role they play in the world around us. The film serves as a call to action for the preservation of these species and their unique habitat, reminding viewers of the importance of protecting and conserving our natural world, and the importance of taking a closer look at the often overlooked world of insects.
The house centipede - Teaser
The House centipede boldly ventures further north due to the effects of climate change. Welcome to the city of Vienna, where these resilient creatures have found an unexpected new habitat. In the coming years, their population is set to rise as the city continues to heat up, inviting not only human residents but also the Mediterranean species to thrive in this urban landscape. Don't let their intimidating appearance deceive you—these centipedes pose no harm to humans. Their fangs can only penetrate the skin in specific weak spots. In fact, these fascinating creatures play a valuable role in households, where their name suggests they can be found. By feasting on other small insects, they serve as nature's own pest controllers, offering a useful advantage. House centipedes are true predators, exhibiting incredible speed, venomous capabilities, and a remarkable ability to regenerate swiftly. In my upcoming project, I will delve into the intricate details of these extraordinary creatures, shedding light on their unbelievable attributes. Stay tuned for an exploration of their mesmerizing world.